• We love delicious food. And we love life. Which is why we created AMIDORI.

    After many years of intense research about technologies and raw materials our vision comes true when we founded AMIDORI in spring 2015. We succeded in founding an alternative for meatlike and other products, because we are certain that food not only tastes good but that it can also make the world a better place a bite at a time. Our dishes are genuine food for your body and soul. They are not only 100% vegetarian but also 100% tasty. And they don't contain any soya. That’s how we ensure that you can enjoy a varied diet. No intensive animal farming, monocultures or overfishing of the oceans. Our alternative is called M¡dori®. And this is made up entirely of protein-rich raw materials like pulses and cereals. All are at home in Europe, grown locally and produced in an environmentally friendly process. That's our way of showing that taste, health and feeling good are an ideal fit.


    Friedrich Büse (Founder), Jens Wedel (CEO)


    Tasty beyond any doubt

    We rely on local ingredients. And on full control over our delivery chain from field to fork.

    Good for your health

    People need protein, every day. And we can tell you why it's so important.

    That's M¡dori®

    You don’t need meat to get a full taste. This whole load of plant protein is evident in every delicious bite.

    Discover M¡dori® yourself

    There are many different ways to prepare M¡dori®. Our food trucks offer you a small taster.
    A bite better!

    So our environment also gets a good deal.

    For AMIDORI, resource- and environmentally-friendly production is a top priority. That’s true not only for sustainable cultivation but also for M¡dori®’s full control
    from field to fork.

    From the first idea to the finished Midori.

    Our idea of an entirely new type of nutrition became a reality together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Technology and Packaging IVV and the Emsland Group. This turned an inconspicuous legume into a powerful source of protein. We also spent a long time choosing just the right seeds. That's because not every pea is equally suited to every soil. Needless to say, we only use natural seeds.

    Diversity instead of monoculture.

    AMIDORI consciously doesn’t use soya - often, hectares of rain forest are deforested to grow this. Instead, we rely on regional two- to three-field crop rotation and as such invest in ecological, sustainable agriculture – and also in happy farmers, because fair trade should not only apply overseas.


    100% physical – no chemical additives.

    Our production uses zero chemical additives, only heat and pressure. 100% of what remains after production is recycled. We exclusively use renewable energies, such as hydropower, during manufacture. We are one of only a few producers who can truly say that our food also gives nature a good deal.


    Eat delicious, healthy meals.

    Pulses such as peas and lupins are ideal sources of proteins and amino acids. Since our bodies cannot store them, we must consume these important nutrients every day. If you don’t want to eat animal proteins or soya, our products now offer you a genuine, and above all delicious, alternative.

    A must-have for every day. We can’t survive without proteins. They strengthen our muscles, fill us up and help us lose weight.

    In addition to vitamins, they are also extremely important for healing wounds and for the immune system. Amino acids ensure that water, vitamins, fats and minerals get to where they need to go in your body. Pulses are ideal for this. Lupins for instance contain many essential amino acids. Meaning those that our bodies cannot make themselves.

    M¡dori® schmeckt auch der Umwelt.

    We make the world better a bite at a time.

    M¡dori® consists exclusively of plants grown in Europe, such as yellow peas, lupins and cereals, to which we add herbs and spices to make surprisingly tasty dishes. There is basically no limit to creativity in the kitchen.

    Diversity that tempts you to take a bite: M¡dori®. We currently use M¡dori®  as an alternative to meat products such a bolognese, burgers or pulled pork. The taste of M¡dori® unfolds naturally to release the satisfying flavour that makes our product so unique. And that’s just the beginning.

    We think that variety is fun, especially where food is concerned. Which is why M¡dori® is available in many flavours to match every taste. To drink, suck or chew. No matter what you choose to make with M¡dori®: every meal will contain not just a whole load of protein, but also many healthy nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

    Street Food

    Free your taste

    If you want to taste M¡dori® before everyone else, you should find one of our food trucks. They give everyone the chance to find out just how tasty M¡dori® really is. Our food trucks are always on the road and surprise people with this food experience. This can be from a wok, as a burger, in a wrap, etc. Finally you can experience the world of M¡dori®. Yummie!
    Ausbildungsmesse 2017 Brose Arena Bamberg

    Become a part of AMIDORI

    We are always looking for people with good taste and a great passion for visionary ideas in the food area. If you enjoy looking beyond your own backyard, our company might be just the place for you.

    Hungry for more information?

    Find out all you want to know about AMIDORI and M¡dori® from our press releases. Our personal contacts can also give you additional information about our company and our products.