What is M¡dori®?

Let’s make the world a bite better.

100% vegetarian, 100% yummy and containing zero soy. M¡dori® is the foundation for an entirely new food category, such as soy, tofu, or wheat gluten, but without an ecological trap. Instead it’s made of sun peas and almost infinite ways of processing.

The world of AMIDORI

AMIDORI places extremely high values on a resource conservating and environmentally friendly production. That doesn’t only apply to farming, but also to a gapless monitoring process at M¡dori® From Field to Fork.

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M¡dori® Street Food

If you want to experience the taste of M¡dori® before anyone else, then definitely look out for trailers of our street food fleet. Every foodie can convince him-or herself about how tasty M¡dori® really is. We are on the road permanently – In 2017 Ute and her team have handed out 20.000 servings at 120 events; from the summer party of the German Federal President, to the big Music Festival in Wacken – as burgers, wraps or from the wok – Free your taste!

100% vegetarian. Zero Soy.

M¡dori® is more than just an idea. It is more than just a procedure, a raw material or the sum of its products. M¡dori® is the beginning of a new kind of nutrition. Anywhere. At any time of day. With any flavour. As every movement starts off with first steps, AMIDORI is currently offering M¡dori® Minced, Pulled, Sticks, Stripes and Crunchlets.