when tasty meets

Our products

100% vegetarian. 100% tasty. no soya. locally sourced ingredients.

When tasty meets sustainable: Our delicious vegetarian and vegan products made from sun-ripened plant proteins are ideal for anyone looking for a hearty, tasty and sustainable way of eating.

Our production

from field to fork

We grow our Sunny Peas®, the main ingredient in our products, almost entirely in Germany. We don’t just import raw materials from anywhere. Selection of raw materials, cultivation, transport, processing, quality control, packaging – it all comes "from a single source". Our source.

The proof is in the pudding

Delicious – looks so tempting!

Anna quote

You can really feel the bite!


The proof is in the pudding

tastes like meat.

Julian quote

I’m "going vegetarian" and I think amidori is amazing. It tastes like meat.

Julian Lee

The proof is in the pudding

simply delicious.

Lara quote

There are lots of vegetarians and vegans in my family and amidori is a great alternative for them. Simply because it tastes great.


Seals of approval quality seals and certificates
Seal of European Vegetarian Union

The V-label is an internationally recognised and trademarked symbol for labelling vegetarian and vegan products.

Seal of BRCGS

The BRC is a global standard for food safety and quality.

IFS Food

The IFS was founded in 2003 by food retail representatives to ensure uniform inspection of the food safety and quality standards of producers.