About us

Today already tomorrow? We at AMIDORI are producing M¡dori®. A new food category.

After years of preparation and searching for suitable raw materials and technologies, our vision finally became reality in 2015: An alternative to meat- equivalent products. M¡dori® doesn’t only taste great, it also makes the world a bite better. M¡dori® is 100% vegetarian, 100% yummy and contains zero soy. This way it creates diversity on your plate, without livestock farming, or monocultures. Instead it is made entirely from high protein raw materials, such as pulses and grains that are all home to Europe and grown locally and environmentally friendly.

AMIDORI consciously uses zero soy. For the farming of soy, the rainforests are often cut down by the hectare – especially with regard to the keeping of livestock. Instead, we are counting on regional two- and three-field farming systems and hence invest into ecological and sustainable agriculture, as well as happy local farmers, as Fair Trade should already start at our own doorstep. We are producing with zero additives, only with heat and pressure. Other than that, any leftovers that occur during production process are being 100% recycled. At both production sites we are using renewable energies from hydropower only. Find more information here. 

We are facing  the permanent global changes and the increasing requirements to the national and international markets with engagement, motivation, creativity and passion. We are always looking for people with good taste and a big passion for visionary ideas within the food industry. Find our job offers in the Career section.

  • Founding of the AMIDORI Food Company GmbH & Co.KG April 2015
  • Founder: Friedrich Büse
  • Partnering Families Büse and Wedel
  • Head Quarters in Stegaurach (Bamberg), Germany
  • Currently – 100 Employees




Overview of our sites

Headquarters Stegaurach  

AMIDORI Stegaurach

Our central location, including a test kitchen, production and a large area for street food has been built inside entirely new and it is up to date in terms of building and operating technology.

Production site Wals-Siezenheim

AMIDORI Wals-Siezenheim

Our cutting- edge site is located in Wals-Siezenheim in Austria. Here, we are producing M¡dori with the use of wet-extrusion. The production site has been built entirely new on the inside in 2016.