Our certificates

Our name stands best for quality and safety.

Anybody can talk quality. We can prove it - signed and sealed:

IFS Certificate

It stands for safety and quality during the production of food.

The requirements of the IFS concerning the production process are addressing the following areas: Cleansing, disinfection, crop spraying, maintenance and education. They are more comprehensive than the legal requirements and for us they are, as a matter of fact, the only way to deal with foods. We have passed the IFS certificate with a version 6 and are hence obliged, according to our customers, to a constant improvement.

To guarantee our product quality, we only work together with accredited labs.

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BRC Certificate

The BRC is a worldwide standard for more food safety and quality.

Food safety, quality and hygiene matter a lot to all businesses of the food industry. The criteria are an absolute must to us and hence a daily endeavour. Next to the IFS is the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety the most popular standard for food.

The BRC is demanding documented standards, to be able to ensure the safety and quality of our products. BRC is valid worldwide, but it focuses on businesses that are trading their products on the British market, as well as the US- and parts of the Asian market. The targets that are pursued here, are the same as for the IFS: Safety, quality and legal conformity.

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Vegan Label Certificate

The V-Label is an internationally accepted and registered brand for the labelling of vegetarian and vegan products.

It helps consumers who are searching for animal-free products to orientate themselves, if a product is meeting their demands. With the V-Label, we as a business are providing transparency and clarity for our products.

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