M¡dori® Crunchlets

Fruity Breaded Coat with Apple
Our Fruity Ones

Crunchy apple bread coating with a firm bite and that certain something – juicy protein snack.

Whether you have it as a hearty snack on the go, or as a meal for kids, who fancy some fruit and shapes: Our M¡dori® Crunchlets are providing a lot of fibres and protein. Due to their 100% firm bite, our triangular friends and their crunchy fried consistency are reminding strongly of chicken nuggets or chicken bites. 

What can you do with M¡dori® Crunchlets?

Same you would do with bites or nuggets, just in a healthy way for you and the environment. M¡dori® Crunchlets go very well with fresh salad in a bowl with pomegranate and vegetarian bibimpab, and obviously it goes well with peas, carrots and home made potato mash.

Product information

Cut, breaded and fried vegetarian food, based on pea protein.



Water, Breadcrumb Coating 32% (Wheat Flour, Water, Apple Juice 1,6%, Table Salt, Yeast, Cane Sugar, Sugar, Spices) Pea Protein Isolate 31,1%, Spices, Rapeseed Oil, Table Salt, Gluten Free Wholegrain- Oats- Flour, Pea Fibres, Potato Flour, Spice Extracts .

After defrosting, store in fridge at 7°C and use up within 7 days. Do not freeze again once defrosted. If kept frozen at -18°C it is best before 12 months.

Note: The statements about our products on this website only have an informative purpose. The label on our product packaging in retail is obligatory.


lactose free
lactose free
soy free
soy free
tk produkt
frozen produkt

Nutrition value per 100 g

Calorific value
1069 kJ / 255 kcal
11,3 g
Saturated fatty acids
1,1 g
13,2 g
1,3 g
24,1 g
1,4 g