amidori - from field to fork

How do we produce amidori veggie from local raw materials? What is the role of our sun pea in all this? We will tell you right here.
delicious and complete

we are counting on entirely local raw materials – and transparency from field to fork.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Institut für Verfahrenstechnik und Verpackung (IVV) and the Emsland Group, we have achieved the idea of an entirely new form of nutrition. Up until the selection of the – obviously natural – seeds, we haven’t left anything to chance. Not every pea is growing on any soil. Hence perhaps inconspicuous looking pulses became a powerful protein package, a means of life. You can follow the journey of our sun pea from the farmer to your plate by looking at our info graphic.

diversity instead of monocultures

amidori consciously uses zero soy.

For the farming of soy, the rainforests are often cut down by the hectare – especially with regard to the keeping of livestock. Instead, we are counting on regional two- and three-field farming systems and hence invest into ecological and sustainable agriculture, as well as happy local farmers, as Fair Trade should not only apply to overseas trade.

our basic raw materials are only cultivated by contracted farmers of our partner.

This way we can be sure that all the raw materials that we use sustain our strict quality requirements. Through their little root tubers, most of the legumes are forming a symbiotic relationship with nitrogen fixing bacteria. This way the legumes are contributing to the fertility of the soil and function as a natural fertiliser for future crop rotations. We think this is an all-round success!


100% physics – zero chemics

We are producing with zero additives, only with heat and pressure.

Other than that, any leftovers that occur during production process are being 100% recycled. At both production sites we are using renewable energies from hydropower only. We are one of very few producers who can say that nature enjoys our food, too.

the production of amidori veggie is based on a thermal procedure.

During the so-called Cooking-Extrusion, the used plant protein are mixed with water and further ingredients, heated up and finally cooled down again with the help of a nozzle. By applying this method, we are able to achieve the firm to bite fibres of amidori veggie - entirely without the use of animal products or chemicals. We are currently mainly working with our sun pea – the yellow pea, oats, potatoes and different spices.

it doesn’t work without protein

protein is strengthening our muscles; it satisfies and even helps to loose weight.

Next to vitamins, protein is incredibly important for tissue repair and the immune system. Furthermore is it amino acids that ensure the transportation of water, vitamins, fats and minerals to the exact areas of the body that need them. Pulses are the ideal supplier for those little helpers, e.g. peas, which contain many essential amino acids. Even the ones that the human body cannot bind by itself. Next to protein, M¡dori® is also rich in fibres, while containing only little fat, sugars and salt.