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IKEA opts for amidori


IKEA works with German food start-up amidori

Swedish furniture giant chooses soya-free amidori from Germany for the launch of its vegetarian lasagne

Ikea is continuing to focus on sustainable catering and is launching a vegetarian lasagne in which meat is replaced with amidori, a soya-free protein source made using yellow peas, or Sunny Peas®. The lasagne will initially be available in Sweden but will soon be rolled out in other countries too. “We want the lasagne to become a large part of our Ikea menu,” says Catarina Englund, Sustainability and Innovation Manager at Ikea.

According to Englund, the aim is for the new product to become as popular as the famous Swedish meatballs.

amidori is a product made by German food start-up Amidori. The cooperation with amidori is a result of Ikea’s investments in sustainable food companies and indoor farming tests for its own vegetables. With this as their basis, Ikea stores aim to become self-sufficient. Ikea is hoping to position itself as a key player for sustainable products. “We see food as an important part of Ikea. We believe we are responsible for offering sustainable, healthy food at an affordable price. Today, sustainable food can be expensive – this is where we think we can really influence change. We can be a role model and close the gap, ensuring that the industry follows our lead,” says Englund.

“We can hardly imagine a greater endorsement of the innovativeness of our amidori products than the fact that Ikea will be using them in the future. We’re so excited to be working together to make the world a little better,” says amidori press officer Christian Kraus.

Developed for the market together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) as a result of a seven-year research and development phase, the soya-free amidori is manufactured sustainably and resource efficiently using hydropower in a purely physical process. The technology works exclusively using heat and pressure – without any chemical additives. The high-protein amidori used for the Ikea lasagne is made from Sunny Peas® and grains from local farms. Founded by Friedrich Büse, the company has over 120 employees manufacturing at two sites, with its headquarters based in the Upper Franconian town of Stegaurach.

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