amidori veggie products

Why M¡dori®  Products?

M¡dori® is more than just an idea. It is more than just a procedure, a raw material or the sum of its products. M¡dori® is the beginning of a new kind of nutrition. Anywhere. At any time of day. With any flavour. As every movement starts off with first steps, AMIDORI is currently offering M¡dori® Minced, Pulled, Sticks, Stripes and Crunchlets. Currently? Indeed. If you like our products, then you can already look forward to new creations!

M¡dori® is more than simple: Our base ingredient is a product that is already edible as it is. Which is why usually there is no further cooking process needed. But hot stuff is even better: Heat up your M¡dori® for two to three minutes in a pan and you can already enjoy the variety of our sun peas.

  • A lot of varieties (plain, crumbed, marinated, seasoned, fried, grilled)
  • Many different ingredients and flavours possible
  • Meat like texture with 100% bite
  • Protein sources (currently): Sun peas, oats, zero soy
  • European resources
  • Clean label, no e-numbers, raw product, production without any additives such as hexane
  • IFS food, BRC Global
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amidori Ingredients: 

Water, Pea Protein 32,7%, Spices, Rapeseed Oil, glutenfree Whole- Grain Oats Flour, Pea Fibres, Potatoe Flour, Salt, Spice Extracts