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good advice tastes so sweet

Retail, food service, hotels, clinics, schools, airlines or other professional food sectors – plant-based food products are great for all. Of course, you need special information about alternative products and container sizes, delivery options or even new recipes for private label products, all specific to your industry. Discuss your special requirements directly with our experts: one-to-one with the leaders and colleagues from our sales and quality management teams. Simply call us or write to us – and your exchange can begin.

It’s all in the recipe

the customer has to like it

Customers will come and buy a product again if it tastes good, if it works in their dishes – and if the product is as sustainable as today’s consumer needs it to be. More and more people want to become "vegetarian" or "vegan", cut out soya or GM products, avoid palm oil, artificial flavouring or lactose – and they also appreciate environmentally friendly packaging. Perhaps you need even more? Perhaps you're looking for a very specific flavour? Your own private label product? Or you need further information? Simply get in touch – we will develop a solution together that meets all your wishes and expectations.

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International expertise

pro-talk from chef to chef

Our veggie minced, our veggie pulled, our burgers – not only do they taste great, all our products are convenient to prepare and sure to go down a treat. They are an ideal base product that pros can use to prepare any dish, allowing for creativity and making for good, hearty food. It’s no wonder, then, that amidori is already on the business class menu of a global airline and is also served in the restaurants of an international furniture group. What’s more, our products are already listed internationally among some big players in the food industry. Get in touch.

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Axel Schwenninger
Food catering to go

our food truck can also come to you

We don’t just offer the option of ordering individual products. We also offer you our food truck service. The amidori catering team goes wherever you want it to. Many business customers have booked our food truck and catering service – allowing us to spread smiles among employees and guests at all kinds of corporate celebrations and parties across Germany. Everything is managed by our event management team. We serve a wide selection of our delicious amidori dishes, all depending on your individual requirements. A treat for the eyes and the taste buds.
Food truck

Savoury components beautifully combined with fresh vegetables, salad and sauces make for a completely new taste experience – all prepared by our professional chefs. Get in touch. We look forward to receiving your catering request

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Quality first

trust is good, control is better

The selection of raw materials, transportation to production, manufacturing performance, the quality of ingredients, care when packaging – our quality management team watches over everything. We believe that if we like it and it makes us feel good, it will do the same for others too. This philosophy guides us in everything we do – and how we do it. If you have any questions about quality management, simply contact us.

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For business customers

food service range

Naturally, amidori is great for cooking in the food service industry, hotels, clinics, school and many more professional food sectors. Our food service flyer contains all the relevant information about our products, packaging and much more. Pick out your products and get in touch.
Amidori food service range
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