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get amidori products conveniently delivered to your door

Our online shop is always open

Our online shop is always open

get amidori conveniently delivered to your door

Our online shop is always open! There’s no need to go to the shop – in just two or three clicks, you can get your favourite amidori products delivered to your door. In Germany. And it all comes in sustainable packaging, of course. Our products are also available in many stores across Germany, but we´re not available nationwide in all food shops yet. So ask for amidori at your favourite store – or order easily and conveniently here. Products are delivered to you sustainably packaged and correctly chilled.

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amidori products are available in many stores in Germany, although not quite all stores nationwide. Use the map here to find where amidori is available near you in just one or two clicks. If we’re not available in any stores near you, simply ask in your favourite supermarket to see if they can order amidori. Or simply click on the online shop and get your favourite products conveniently delivered to your door in environmentally friendly packaging.

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tastings near you

Our promotions team is always on the road offering free tastings of our amidori products at different supermarkets. Come pay us a visit and see for yourself how tasty our amidori products are and what creative dishes you can cook with them. Click on the button below to view the exact tour schedule.
Bon appétit!

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Rewe Zwingel-Höchstadt – In-store
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food truck tour across germany

At our food truck, you can taste for yourself how delicious our dishes really are. Our street food fleet is always on the move and offers a tasty experience that is sure to blow you away – full of flavour, full of goodness. Whether from the wok, as a burger or in a wrap, experience the world of amidori ideas and dishes at first hand. Yum!

Food truck